What’s Important To Us

C&R strives to make ergonomic workspaces a reality for all employees everywhere through the manufacture and distribution of quality commercial furniture that meets every workspace configuration and needs.

We will fulfill our Mission in a manner that will :

· Delight all customers, employees, shareholders and external stakeholders, advancing their benefits and those of the eco-system and environment.

·  Respect our Core Values, of always being:

What we  believe  in (5R)

Revolutionary in Design Innovation

Respectful of Self, Customers, Company, Colleagues, Society and the Environment

Responsibility.  To be accountable for own actions and to make people aware of any possible impact that our actions may have on them.

Resilience.  To be able to meet, recover and learn from challenges and difficult situations

Rising and Shining.  To be always progressing, learning and a role model for others.

Our Aspiration to which we are deeply committed to and is to become the most established Singapore System Furniture Manufacturer with a strong global footprint through a Strong Service Mission encompassing

·         Effective Project Management to ensure that customers are delighted with beyond expectation fulfillment.

·         Innovation and Design Breakthroughs to bring the customer the best of products and designs

·         Rigorous Cost Management, to keep prices affordable.

·         Process Improvements and Employee Competency Upgrading to shorten production lead times

·       Aggressive sourcing of material and components leveraging on Singapore’s excellent position at the heart of the world’s largest manufacturing basin to enhance our products and design at the lowest cost.