5 Reasons why you need great office furniture

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  1. Increase productivity – environment to work will affect the employee productivity, a good environment to work creates more opportunities to ideas, and being more focus on work. Simple, clean and tidiness office environment will reduce certain percentage of work stress and mental tension.

  1. Standing Desking / sit to stand make healthier working life – Researcher had proven the long sitting will increase the risk of obesity, diabetes and etc. illness, hence a suitable sit to stand movement able to benefit health by free body posture react flexibility even reduce your calories.


  1. Create creativity and innovative with – colourful, cheerful and playful workspace. Trendy designer likes to create office environment with more colourful tone, to makes the office feels more cheerful and playful.


  1. Open Plan system and collaborative – the design of open plan system and collaborative area encourage employee accidental interactions by sharing common area. Sharing common area will hold more than one people rather than personal cubicle occupancy offices.

In sharing common area, with the presence of more people instead of alone may create more generic thinking. Most of the time create innovative idea.



  1. Soft furniture – Home, A known facts shows more than 50% of your time spend in work space than home, feeling belonging in your working environment are very important. The trend today is making your working environment a happy work place and soft furniture plays part to make the office more lively and cheerful.