5 Reasons why you need great office furniture

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  1. Increase productivity – environment to work will affect the employee productivity, a good environment to work creates more opportunities to ideas, and being more focus on work. Simple, clean and tidiness office environment will reduce certain percentage of work stress and mental tension.

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Tips for Conducive home office

Tips / Advices > Tips for Conducive home office

Tips for a Conducive Home Office.


As houses gets smaller, users will be more confined to their workspace than before. Restricted space and movement should be compensated with chairs that provide good support, ” says Mr. Alan Ng, managing director of local furniture company C&R Interiors.

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Maintenance Guide –Finishes Care & Maintenance

To maintain the finish quality of our TIvoli System, please follow the cleaning procedures provided below. 

With regular care and maintenance, the C&R furniture will provide years of superior performance and satisfaction. The instruction for the care and maintenance are provided to you as a service. No warranty is implied since results vary.

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