5 Reasons why you need great office furniture

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  1. Increase productivity – environment to work will affect the employee productivity, a good environment to work creates more opportunities to ideas, and being more focus on work. Simple, clean and tidiness office environment will reduce certain percentage of work stress and mental tension.

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Tips for Conducive home office

Tips / Advices > Tips for Conducive home office

Tips for a Conducive Home Office.


As houses gets smaller, users will be more confined to their workspace than before. Restricted space and movement should be compensated with chairs that provide good support, ” says Mr. Alan Ng, managing director of local furniture company C&R Interiors.

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In C&R Sustainability Isn’t A Trend For Us– It’s Just What We do.

A neglected work environment often leads to negative effects, which is why many people want to support and live a more sustainable lifestyle. People of all nationalities increasingly want to act in environmentally responsible manners – not just because it’s better for the Earth, but because it’s sustainable.

Organization may also want to incorporate more sustainable practices at their offices. Many green practices, such as trash management, can be economical. Many organizations should be conscious of this shift as they learn to learn to adapt to this new age of sustainability.

With that in mind, C&R Interiors sustainable practices allows you to implement in your office environment that will appeal to both your environmentally conscious employees and your pocketbook.